Healthcare software for small and multi-location practices
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Medical software for small offices, specialty practices and multi-location practices
Patient Records
Practice Partner Patient Records provides a host of innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping to improve quality of care. Patient Records allows practices to replace their paper charts, with a comprehensive feature set utilized nationwide by over 1000 medical offices of all sizes and specialties.

Since its introduction in 1987, Practice Partner Patient Records has focused on what we know best - outpatient medical clinics. Refined by over a decade of feedback from active users across the country, Patient Records is designed to automate both the clinical and business sides of the modern medical office. The system can interface with almost every major practice management system.

Patient Records has a comprehensive feature set and supports a wide variety of sites, from solo practitioners to multi-practice clinics utilizing wide area networks. [top]

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Patient Records Feature Set
Practice Partner Patient Records provides a comprehensive feature set, coupled with a friendly and intuitive interface. This results in an EMR system that is powerful enough for any office, yet easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Here is a sample of just some of the features contained in Patient Records:

Complete Electronic Medical Records system (EMR)
  • Open multiple charts at the same time
  • User-definable chart summary field
  • MPI capabilities

Progress Note Functionality

  • Documentation by: free text, pre-defined, or user defined clinical templates, clinical (QuickText) macros, and/or dictation
  • Automatic updates on different sections of chart
  • Review allows providers to review unsigned notes, incoming lab data, reports, and letters
  • Over 200 clinical templates
  • Clinical templates include E&M codes and AHCPR guidelines
  • Easy attachment of images to notes
  • Electronic signature documents author of progress note

Prescription Writer

  • Over 700 prescription templates provide dose, alternatives, and prices for the prescribed medication
  • Drug interaction and automatic allergy/intolerance checking 3 medication lists: Current, Ineffective, Historical
  • Formulary checking
  • Fax prescriptions from Patient Records directly to the pharmacy
  Health Maintenance
  • Overdue health maintenance reminder
  • Vital Signs data capture

Laboratory Data

  • Lab data can be imported from outside or in-house lab using industry standard formats (ASTM1238, HL7)
  • Abnormal data flag
  • Practice Partner has built hundreds of lab interfaces to such labs as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Cerner and Labdaq


  • Intra-office messaging
  • Chart info can be e-mailed to consulting physicians


  • Missing progress notes
  • Unsigned progress notes
  • Unsaved progress notes
  • Print chart summary
  • Print complete patient chart
  • Print note by: provider and date all notes


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Medical Billing
As healthcare providers know, taking good care of your patients is not enough these days. Even with the most qualified and expert providers, effectively managing the business side of healthcare is the crucial difference between success and failure. Practice Partner Medical Billing helps your office prosper in today's complex reimbursement environment. The system offers the complete set of features required to handle today's sophisticated business requirements.

Medical Billing is flexible; it features an easy-to-use Windows-based design that allows staff to customize the system to meet their needs and preferences, helping to boost productivity and efficiency.

Medical Billing saves time by making data entry fast and easy; post charges, payments, and adjustments from one central screen - all with a minimum of keystrokes. And with Medical Billing's unique electronic encounter forms, charges can be entered directly at the point of care when used with Practice Partner Patient Records.

Perhaps most importantly, Medical Billing is fully integrated with Practice Partner Appointment Scheduler and Patient Records, providing health care managers with a tool that encompasses all the financial, clinical, and operations elements of successfully running a practice. Whether purchased alone or as part of a fully integrated package, Practice Partner Medical Billing is a proven performer in improving the financial health of your practice. [top]

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Total Practice Partner
Total Practice Partner is a suite of integrated applications designed to manage all of the mission-critical functions of a modern office. Total Practice Partner includes Patient Records, one of the nation's leading electronic medical records systems, Appointment Scheduler, a sophisticated multi-clinic scheduler, and Medical Billing, a complete practice management system.

Total Practice Partner is an integrated suite of applications, meaning that the individual applications were designed to work together to make it easier for physicians, billers, schedulers, and office administrators to do their jobs. Integration provides the basis for information sharing between Appointment Scheduling, Medical Billing, and Patient Records in ways that make sense for each individual player in the office. Examples: Billing information entered within Patient Records (through an electronic encounter form) can be automatically sent to Medical Billing, eliminating the inconvenience and inefficiency of paper super bills. Schedulers can have access to overdue preventive services for individual patients (tracked in Patient Records) allowing them to easily schedule these appointments when patients call the office. Integration also allows easier set-up, administration, and support while eliminating the need for interfaces between applications. [top]

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