Healthcare software for small and multi-location practices
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Medical software for small offices, specialty practices and multi-location practices
Patient Records
Practice Partner Patient Records provides a host of innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping to improve quality of care. Patient Records allows practices to replace their paper charts, with a comprehensive feature set utilized nationwide by over 1000 medical offices of all sizes and specialties.

Patient Records has a comprehensive feature set and supports a wide variety of sites, from solo practitioners to multi-practice clinics utilizing wide area networks.

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Patient Records Feature Set
Practice Partner Patient Records provides a comprehensive feature set, coupled with a friendly and intuitive interface. This results in an EMR system that is powerful enough for any office, yet easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Here is a sample of just some of the features contained in Patient Records:

Complete Electronic Medical Records system (EMR)
  • Open multiple charts at the same time
  • User-definable chart summary field
  • MPI capabilities

Progress Note Functionality

  • Documentation by: free text, pre-defined, or user defined clinical templates, clinical (QuickText) macros, and/or dictation
  • Automatic updates on different sections of chart
  • Review allows providers to review unsigned notes, incoming lab data, reports, and letters
  • Over 200 clinical templates
  • Clinical templates include E&M codes and AHCPR guidelines
  • Easy attachment of images to notes
  • Electronic signature documents author of progress note

Prescription Writer

  • Over 700 prescription templates provide dose, alternatives, and prices for the prescribed medication
  • Drug interaction and automatic allergy/intolerance checking 3 medication lists: Current, Ineffective, Historical
  • Formulary checking
  • Fax prescriptions from Patient Records directly to the pharmacy
  • Health Maintenance

    • Overdue health maintenance reminder
    • Vital Signs data capture


Click for a larger view ofthe EKG which is accessible within the EMR

Laboratory Data

  • Lab data can be imported from outside or in-house lab using industry standard formats (ASTM1238, HL7)
  • Abnormal data flag
  • Practice Partner has built hundreds of lab interfaces to such labs as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Cerner and Labdaq


  • Intra-office messaging
  • Chart info can be e-mailed to consulting physicians


  • Missing progress notes
  • Unsigned progress notes
  • Unsaved progress notes
  • Print chart summary
  • Print complete patient chart
  • Print note by: provider and date all notes
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